“Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. Sends Message To Very Special Fan

Robert Downey Jr., who plays the famous Iron Man character, took time out of his busy life to record a video for Jackson Tijerina, a second-grader battling brain cancer.

One of Jackson’s wishes was to meet the real Iron Man, and thanks to well-wishers spreading the request across Facebook, the 7-year-old received a personalized video message from Downey Jr.

“Jackson, is that you? Hi! It’s Robert Downey Jr., but you can call me Tony. Thinking about you, stay strong, know that my prayers are with you, and also, you know, life is challenging. And you are just the man for the job. So lots of love.”

Jackson’s mom, Amy, said her son was thrilled!

“He was jumping up and down, and he was smiling from ear to ear,” she told the Brummer-Clark / World-Herald News Service. “He was so excited and I was crying.”

This is not the first time Robert Downey Jr. has touched the hearts of children struggling with health issues.  In 2015, Robert delivered and Iron Man” prosthetic arm to a 7-year-old that was born without part of his arm.

Photos: Facebook

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